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The RSB Team at your service

First row from left to right : Julien MOENNE LOCCOZ • Damien COCULA • Cassandre GRANDPERRIN • Aurélie MILION • Céline CONTAT • Ousmane DIALLO
Second row from left to right : Lionel AUBRY • Karine ENTREMONT-PINGET • Laurent SALANON • Sandy HELLIE  • Serge VUARCHEX • David MICHEL • Jérémy APRIOU  • Adeline BONNET • Peter RAVAILLER • Mickael MALFOY • Vincent CELLI

A reinforced team of more than 40 people with disabilities

Every day, electronic waste is recycled by the RSB team which includes various departments, such as logistics, production or administrative.

In addition to this team, RSB employs more than 40 people with disabilities who carry out the daily tasks of sorting, decontaminating and dismantling electronic waste.

These tasks ensure the waste is processed as best as possible by RSB and its partners.

For over 10 years, RSB has been a partner of ESAT (French sheltered employment services) and EA (French adapted businesses).

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