Our values


Because our planet will be facing major challenges in the coming years and because all economic entities must be concerned by these issues, RSB is committed to including Sustainable Development into the core of its strategy. Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of discussions on RSB projects.

At its level, the aim of RSB is to contribute to the development of a fairer world and guarantee a dignified life full of opportunities everywhere and for all.



Waste, and more specifically WEEE, contains valuable metals of interest to a number of illegal industries around the world.

Waste trafficking is rife throughout the world and, despite strict regulations on this subject, such as the Basel Convention or the European Regulation 1013-2006, every year, thousands of tonnes of waste are diverted to illegal sectors that do not meet any social or environmental standards.

RSB’s policy on this issue is to remove all middlemen for the recycling of outgoing fractions from its site. Therefore, by dealing directly with the final processing facility, the channels are perfectly controlled. RSB customers and the authorities are fully informed of the fate of the waste.

Regulatory compliance is also important for the RSB processing site which is an ICPE (French law defining a Classified Facility for the Protection of the Environment) with several items including some IEDs (Industrial Emission Directive).

Social initiative

For over 10 years, RSB has been a partner of ESAT (French sheltered employment services) and EA (French adapted businesses) for a fair and inclusive society. On a daily basis, more than 30 people with disabilities work on the RSB site or with its partners.

Their tasks of sorting, decontaminating and dismantling electronic waste ensure optimal waste processing.

Thanks to the variety of tasks involved, every person with a disability can contribute to our recycling activities and get some recognition for the work they do.


The quality and satisfaction of our stakeholders are at the core of our attention, which is why RSB has been ISO 9001 certified since 2009. Our management system has evolved as the standards were becoming stricter.

Our commitment to protecting the environment, which is at the heart of our business, is also recognised by an ISO 14001 certification. As for quality, our first environmental certification was granted in 2009.

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