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Processing site
in compliance with current regulations

The RSB treatment site is subject to authorisation according to regulations on ICPE (French law on Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment). This site is regularly monitored by the DREAL (French regional directorate for the environment, planning and housing) for the following activities:

  • 2711: transport, sorting and classification of WEEE
  • 2790: processing of hazardous waste
  • 2791: processing of non-hazardous waste
  • 3550: temporary storage of hazardous waste
  • 3510: disposal and recovery of hazardous waste.

Since our installation on the Amancy site (in Haute Savoie, France), work has been carried out to bring the site into compliance and for its smooth operation. As risk management is also an important issue in the processing of WEEE, several fire risk management actions have been carried out on RSB processes.


The value of WEEE is optimised, when the sorting of the different fractions contained in this waste is pushed to its maximum.

This is why the RSB machine park is extremely recent and uses state-of-the-art shredding and material separation technologies.

The aim of RSB’s technical management is to have ever cleaner material flows so that these can be sent directly to the final recyclers without resorting to middlemen.


With the approval of certain customers or even sometimes at their request, RSB can implement re-use actions on targeted waste such as hard drives, electronic components or spare parts.

These components will be extracted from electronic waste by people with disabilities working on behalf of RSB at ESAT or EA partners.

RSB reference partners are in charge of wiping out the data or repairing the products. These partners are leaders in their field, and guarantee the products are prepared in compliance with current regulations before being returned to the market.

These operations maximise RSB customers’ revenues while giving a second life to electronic products.


In some cases, the data contained in electronic waste is sensitive and our customers request a secure destruction.

This can be done in the presence of a Court Bailiff or filmed live from our facilities, since the site is equipped with 26 cameras recording the site activity 24/7. RSB can explore, with its customers, solutions for the destruction on their site of sensitive data before shipment, or the provision of sealed containers.

In all cases, a certificate of destruction is sent to each customer when his waste has been processed.

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